Getting Started

MyTurnPoker.com is a best out of 5 heads up tournament style poker game. In one match you will play 5 games against your opponent. The games played are heads-up tournament style Texas Hold'em.

Click on the blue boxes on the image to see more information. To start playing poker as soon as possible, please read about "Public Games" and "New Match", these boxes are outlined in green.


You'll get in-game notifications when something important happens. Click the notification box to see a popup listing of your most recent notifications. Click on a notification and you'll be directed to the page in question. Here is a list of notifications you'll receive.

  • When someone friends or un-friends you.
  • When someone challenges you to a match.
  • When you win a hand while you're not logged in.
  • When someone accepts or declines your challenge.
  • When your opponent forfeits the match.


Use the settings panel to modify your information and game settings. Don't forget to fill out your current password. You can also cancel your account from this page. Here is a summary of information and settings you can update.

  • Change your password.
  • Change the email address tied to My Turn Poker.
  • Change your avatar, name or poker motto.
  • Toggle email notifications.

Matches Tab

The matches tab is your landing pad when you log into My Turn Poker. From this tab you'll do the following:

  • Create new public or challenge matches.
  • Join public matches.
  • Accept or decline challenges from other players.
  • View a brief summary of ongoing matches, and jump to each match's game page.

History Tab

The history tab shows your personal match and hand history. Get the last 5 matches and 8 hands finished. You can also click the "Show More" buttons to dig a little deeper.

Social Tab

This is where you can browse hands played by other users. Use the controls at the top of the page to select a friend or any other player. You can also adjust the amount of hands shown for each category. Browse hands recently updated, or browse interesting finished hands.

Click on a hand to see the details, from there you can also comment on other players hands or send them to your favorite social network. Boast about a big win or protest a bad beat!

Profiles Tab

Get a look at every player on My Turn Poker, click an icon to see more details about a player. From a player's profile page you can:

  • Add or remove that player from your friends list.
  • See a brief hand history.
  • See their poker stats.
  • View their friends list.

When you add a player to your friends list you get shortcuts to your friends on the New Match and Social listing pages.

The current profile listing is in Rank order. You gain rank in the following ways:

  • 1 Rank for a chopped pot.
  • 2 Rank for winning a hand.
  • 5 Rank for winning a game.
  • 10 Rank for winning a match.

Blog Tab

This is where we'll post different happenings about My Turn Poker. Keep an eye on the blog as we post weekly feature updates, you'll want to know how the game is changing.

The latest blog entry will also be shown at the top of the Matches Tab. Click on a blog to see the full text.

Games In Progress

The Matches tab is where we will list all of your Matches in Progress. The matches can be in the following states:

  • Public: These matches are waiting for another player to join, these are listed under their Public Games.
  • Challenged: These matches are waiting for you or your opponent to accept or decline the challenge.
  • Playing: Ongoing games, match headings with a red background indicate that the action is on you!

New Match Button

Use this button to open the Create Match screen. From here you have several options, starting chips, public match, direct challenge or challenge a friend.

Select Starting Chips: Choose from $500, $1000 or $2000 starting stacks.

Public Game: Creating a Public Match will allow anyone on My Turn Poker to join your match.

Direct Challenge: Already know your friends email address or your foes nickname? Type in either, a email address or a nickname and challenge that player directly.

Friend Challenge: Quickly challenge players on your friends list. You can add players to your friends list by visiting the Profiles Tab.

Show Match Button

If you have the Summary open on a Match, you can click this button to jump to the full detailed game view.

Match Summary

The Match Summary window gives you a peek into your 5 games' active hands. Details about each hand from left to right:

  • My Turn link when you have the action, click the link and jump directly to that hand's detailed game view.
  • Your hole cards.
  • The community cards.
  • The last 2 actions on the hand
  • The chip count.

Show Summary Button

Click the Show Summary button to bring up the Match Summary window. From there you can peek into your 5 games or jump directly into a hand and start taking your turns.

Public Games

When other players create a Public Match from the New Match page, they will be listed here for you to join. We encourage everyone to create or join a couple of Public Matches. Whats better than making a new friend? Making a new friend and playing Texas Hold'em!