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Label Change, Starting Order and Minor Bug Fix December 27 2011

This morning I've pushed an update that changes the labels on your hand view tabs, switches the starting order and squashed a minor bug with action buttons.

On the hand page, the tabs have been relabeled to "1st Game", "2nd Game" and so on. Making it clear that these are different hands and not parts of the same hand.

The starting order has been changed so the player "Joining a Pubic Game" or "Accepting a Challenge" will be able to start making actions right after Join/Accept.

The "All In" no longer shows up inappropriately. You may have noticed that you could sometimes "Call", go "All In" and "Fold" when the only actions should be "Call" and "Fold".

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About Tab, Game Page and Feedback October 23 2011

There is a new About Tab with a Getting Started section. Updates to the Game Page including layout and functionality. We've also added a Send Feedback Button so anyone can send us an email.

Games Page

  • Starting at the top, we have changed the "Street Buttons" to make them look more like tabs. Hopefully this will make it more clear what they are and how they function.
  • Moved Chip Counts, Player Bet, Pot information to the right side of the Hole and Community cards. No more scrolling down to get the complete picture.
  • Raise Buttons are updated to show the Raise To amount. Added lingo "Raise To" on the input field. The Raise To amount is the amount of chips your removing from your stack to bet plus the chips already committed in front of you.
  • Changed to the Call button to include the amount, "Call $300".
  • Added a Total Chips in Play counter, next to the pot information. Total chips in play include, the pot, and each player's bet.
  • The Social Buttons were getting in the way of the Action Buttons, so they've moved to the bottom if the page.
  • About Tab

    We have a handy Getting Started section, please review the About Tab and learn how to get the most out of My Turn Poker. Click on the boxes to read more about each section.

    Feedback Box

    You can now find a Send Feedback Button on the bottom right hand corner of every page. Click the button to show a form where you can send us an email. Let us know how we are doing, how can we make My Turn Poker better?

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New Social Page October 16 2011

There is a new social page. The page defaults to showing recently updated and finished hands. Select a friend or any other player and see what they have been up to. You can also control how many hands per category to show.

we would like to encourage everyone to find an interesting hand. Click on a hand to see it's history, make comments or post to your favorite social network.

Click the social tab at the top and start digging!


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Awesome New Features October 07 2011

I've pushed the following new features: Direct player challenges, Email settings, Social buttons on match layouts, fancy Blog layouts and Raise buttons.

Email Settings

You can opt in/out of email notifications from your settings panel. Email will only be sent to you if your idle for 20 mins. Current players are OPT OUT of emails. If you wish to receive emails you'll have to turn them on. New players will have email notifications turned on by default.

Direct Challenge

You can directly challenge another player by their nickname such as "indface", "INDFACE", "InDfACE" (all variations will find the same player) or via email address.

Blog Layouts

There is now a latest blog entry on the matches page. Changed the blog tab to be a a listing of recent blogs. Added individual pages for each blog, with social network buttons.

Social Buttons

You can find Social Network buttons on the match view, there are buttons on each street. These buttons link to the social view of the hand.

Raise Buttons

Added 1/2 pot and 3/4 pot bets where appropriate.

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100 Hands and counting... October 03 2011

We've already hit 100 hands! More poker action coming your way.

— Jake